Dynamite Diva Hair The ULTIMATE hair care treatment for ALL hair types

How We Got Started

Dynamite Diva Hair was founded in 2015 by Jasmine McMichaels and Zahrah McFadgen to provide the ULTIMATE hair care product for everyone with healthy or damaged curly, wavy, straight, or mix textured hair! Their products are made in Upstate NY with quality natural ingredients that promote healthy hair and skin.

Jasmine and Zahrah became good friends in 2011 before they discovered the amazing effects of their Dynamite Diva Hair Conditioner. Dynamite Diva Hair Conditioner was developed by Jasmine as an experiment to shorten the deep conditioning treatment process. She achieved this by combining several key products and ingredients into one. She realized that her experiment was something special and shared her Dynamite Diva Hair Conditioner with Zahrah. Zahrah also noticed softer, shinier, and more manageable hair after each use.

The two friends decided to promote their new product so that everyone could enjoy the same benefits they experienced. They began to share their product with family, friends, and colleagues who quickly became raving fans and customers. As business increased, so did the demand for other natural hair care products, which resulted in the development of a successful full hair care product line.

Today they continue working to pursue their entrepreneurial dream of making Dynamite Diva Hair the ultimate hair care product for everyone. 

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